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SMiles Lewis has had a lifelong interest in all things anomalous. An early age proclivity at recalling his nightly dreams as well as several personal experiences with ESP, precognition and dream switching bolstered his interest in the paranormal. Shortly after high-school he joined the local MUFON chapter in Austin, Texas. He would later become a MUFON State Section Director for that group as well as leader of the local UFO Experiencer Support and Study Group. A lover of books, SMiles collected over 1000 titles before founding the non-profit Anomaly Archives that serves as the lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute (501c3). For over twenty years he has worked with digital audio, video and other bleeding edge internet technologies. He has published his own print journal (E.L.F. Infested Spaces), edited a local paranormal newspaper (Austin Para Times), maintained a large network of websites (ELFIS.net), organized a national UFO conference (NUFOC-38), spoken to anthropologists about UFOs and parapsychology (Encounters with the Fantastic), hosted (and been a guest on) both terrestrial and webradio talk shows and has been podcasting since before the phrase existed. All these efforts and more have led radio talk show host Robert Larson to describe Miles as a “Gonzo Alt-Media Proprietor and Informationalist.” He was also the LOWFI-Texas State Bureau Chief of The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists.

In 2015 he was one of several people in the Roswell Slides Research Group (RSRG) that solved the mystery surrounding claims of an alleged alien in an old photo slide promoted by unscrupulous UFO community profiteers.

In 2017 he contributed an essay (TrUFO vs UFaux: Planetary Poltergeists & Weapons of Mass Enchantment) to the UFO anthology, UFOs: Reframing the Debate, which has received much praise. Read the conclusion of the essay HERE.


SMiles’ currently hosts the weekly news-roundup vodcast of the Anomaly Archives, called “Anomaly NOW!” and recently hosted over 40 hours of live-streaming lectures, music and more as part of the Anomaly Archives’ 2020 Streamathon Emergency Fundraiser.

His other recent projects included co-hosting PsiOp-Radio with Mack White as part of the many unique shows airing daily on his ANOMALY RADIO Network, which has been streaming 24/7 since last century.

He is active with several local non-profits which includes his years of service on the board of directors for the Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies (INACS) and the Scientific Anomaly Institute‘s lending library, the Anomaly Archives.

His writings can be found within the Archives of his print journal ELFIS and ANOMALY Magazine.

In his day job with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission‘s Talking Book Program he manages a Volunteer Recording Studio (and formerly, the audio duplication department) and has been a consultant on two digital audio development documents for the Library of CongressNational Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled.


  • Relaunched the weekly live news roundup show, Anomaly-NOW!, for the Anomaly Archives nonprofit.


  • Weekly live news roundup show, Anomaly-NOW!, for the Anomaly Archives nonprofit, went on hiatus.


  • Continued the weekly live news roundup show, Anomaly-NOW!, for the Anomaly Archives nonprofit.






  • NLS Biennial Conference: Nashville, Tennessee 2016 – Gave a presentation on digitization of analog reel-to-reel masters.


  • Proud to have been a (lurking) member of the RSRG “Roswell Slides” Research Group

The Roswell Slides Explained – Radio Misterioso 5/10/2015

The Roswell Slides Research Group are:

  • José Antonio Caravaca
  • Isaac Koi
  • Nab Lator
  • Lance Moody
  • Tim Printy
  • Curt Collins
  • Tim Hebert
  • Paul Kimball
  • Gilles Fernandez
  • Chris Rutkowski
  • Roger Glassel
  • S. Miles Lewis
  • Jeff Ritzmann

Thanks to our colleagues and associates Alejandro Espino, “Trained Observer”, Philippe Hernandez, Aaron John Gulyas, Irna France, Nick Redfern, and Fin Handley, as well as many, many more who offered help.

The “Roswell Slides” Research Group – @RoswellSlides.com

The (NOT) Roswell Slides Saga… @AnomalyArchives.org 

Current & Past Projects

Community Friends

Current Day Job

Current Research Projects

Accomplishments & Past Projects

  • Listed Among Loren Coleman’s:
  • Texas Ghost Lights Conference – Master of Ceremonies for event sponsored by the Scientific Anomaly Institute’s Anomaly Archives lending library. Featuring guest speakers Paul Devereux, Nick Redfern, James Bunnell and Rob Riggs. June 11th, 2005
  • 38th annual National UFO Conference organizer – Host, Organizer and Producer for this great UFO event that never happened, due to the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.
  • Acknowledgments / Print References
    • Beast of Adam Gorightly by Adam Gorightly. Page ii of Intro.
    • Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth by Rob Riggs & Tom Burnett, Pages 100-103
    • Copycat Effect by Loren Coleman. Page 297.
    • Memoirs of a Monster Hunter by Nick Redfern Pages x and 165.
    • Monsters of Texas by Ken Gerhard & Nick Redfern. Pages 72 (photo) and 73
    • Mothman & Other Curious Encounters by Loren Coleman. Page 200 of Third Edition.
    • Project Beta by Greg Bishop. Page 271.
    • The Riot Act – Stories by Stephen Romano.
  • Anomaly Archives: Scientific Anomaly Institute founder – Realized my life-long dream of having an anomalous lending library. Currently we have about 7000 items of rare books, magazines and paper files.
  • Austin Anomalous Experience Group leader – Originally the Austin Abductee Support Group and later the Austin UFO Experiencer Support and Study Group.
  • Austin MUFON leader – Past Official State Section Director for Travis and Williamson counties.
  • Comicbook Soundtracks

    • Demos and Developments(never completed)
      • Lawsuit against Viacom and an animation company sub-contracted for Mtv’s THE MAXX cartoon series that we helped Sam Kieth get by creating a demo using our comicbook soundtrack and video by our friends at ComicBook TeleVision – CBTV.
      • Spawn – planned to put a flashy CD comicbook soundtrack behind each action figure sold in stores.
      • WildCats – we actually did a prelim casting call for this project.
      • Savage Dragon – Larson was our first prospective at Image comics.
      • Spiderman: Torment – Todd McFarlane’s popular Marvel Comics title was the basis of our initial demo recording. Our voice talent for Spidey was a character voice in our MAXXimum Sound production.
  • Community Groups
    • ABORDC – Austin Bill of Rights Defence Committee
    • Anomaly Archives / SAI – Founder and current President of the Scientific Anomaly Institute.
    • Austin Abductee / UFO Support & Study Group – Past leader.
    • Austin IONS – Past committee member.
    • Austin Mufon – Past leader.
    • Human Potential Center – Past board member.
    • INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies) – Past Secretary and Vice President on the board of directors.
  • Gaming Industry
    • Software Librarian at Origin Systems, Inc. – Before and after buy-out by Electronic Arts.
    • Independent RPG Developer – SciFi and Fantasy RPGs.
  • ProAm Hand Model
    • Bigfoot Lives: Deal With It by Chester Moore, Jr. – uncredited hand modeling for cast size comparison in Figure 4, page 22.
    • Shock Festival by Stephen Romano – uncredited hand modeling for various gun holding poses.
  • Professional Pseudonym
    • Project Beta by Greg Bishop. Inspiration for “Lew Miles” pseudonym applied to actual UFO insider that is not me.
  • Public Lectures
    • “Flying Saucers 101 – MediaMatrix & the Men In Black” at the Human Potential Center, September 26th, 2003.
    • “Why Anomaly? Informational Approaches to the Exploration of the Unknown, Unexplained, and Unidentified.” – IONS Austin May 20th, 2003.
    • Encounters with the Fantastic: The Transformative UFO ParadigmSpeaker at the 1995 Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness conference on the Berkeley Campus in sunny California.
  • Published Photography / Videography
    • Parapolitics: Conspiracy in Contemporary America by Kenn Thomas. Uncredited digital still photograph of parapolitical researcher John Judge from 2002
    • Guido O’Brien – Ed Hall. Videography for this music video featured on the Love and Napalm video collection produced by Trance Syndicate Records.
    • Who’s Ed documentary – Videography for this and at least two other mini-documentaries on the Austin based band who produced over 5 albums.
  • Talking Book Program
    • Participated in Testing of… multiple upload interfaces for NLS’ BARD Braille and Audio Reading Download site
    • Participated in Testing of… HABC “Hindy” Audio Book Creator software with NLS
    • Beta Tested Telex’s LCM digital recording system for the Library of Congress’ NLS program (National Library Service for the blind…) 2003 / 2004
    • Coordinated more CSRs (Community Service Restitution volunteers) than any other Travis county organization as Volunteer Coordinator for Texas TBP’s Circulation facility. 2002 / 2003
    • NLS Biennial Conference: Nashville, Tennessee 2016 – Gave a presentation on digitization of analog reel-to-reel masters.
    • NLS Biennial Conference: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2014 – Gave a presentation and participated in other PreConference panel discussions.
    • NLS Biennial Conference: Newport, Rhode Island 2012 – Coordinated and MC’d the local PreConference presentations and gave a presentation.
    • NLS Biennial Conference: San Antonio, Texas 2008 – Worked with local and federal staff on this locally hosted event.
    • NLS Biennial Conference: Portland, Maine 2006 -Panel member for PreConference Roundtable on Telex’s LCM digital recording system.
    • NLS Biennial Conference: Rapid City, South Dakota 2004 – Panel member for PreConference Roundtable on Telex’s LCM digital recording system.
    • Network Guideline: #1-2006; Requirements for Digital Audio Master Recordings of Magazines Originated by Network Libraries; April 28, 2006. Participated in Task Force development of this national guideline for regional network libraries.
    • Texas State Survey on Volunteerism: The Impact of Service Initiatives in Selected Texas State Agencies (participant, see page 48)
    • Volunteer Programs in Texas State Government: An Assessment of Risk Management Practices (Google Books/Docs) by Catherine Kelly Fallon, B.A. – Report: Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Texas at Austin in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for a Degree of Master of public Affairs – December 2002 (participant, see page 73)
    • Texas Talking Book Program (TBP) receives prestigious Blue Pencil award in New Orleans – 2003 – Coordinated volunteers for this award winning project.

[The views expressed by me or anyone else whose opinions pass through the informational vortices of The Elfis Network are their own and may not reflect the beliefs of you, our clients, sponsors nor advertisers.]

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