Zombiethon 2014

Zombiethon 2014 Watched before our arrival: Space Dandy (Anime series - Zombie episode) Army of Darkness Friday Night: King of the Zombies Space Dandy (Anime series - Zombie episode) Night of the Living ... RiffTrax Saturday: Swamp of the Ravens ... RiffTrax (was on as I woke - only saw brief part) Nightmare city Evil Dead 2... Continue Reading →

Kona journal

Woke up to some Kona coffee. Carolyn made breakfast tacos with local eggs and local potatoes, plus we had local grapefruit. We saw fishing boats, kayaks, outrider canoes with multiple paddlers, and "whales sign" including humpbacks breaking the surface - all from our lanai overlooking the ocean. And that was just before 9am. Then we... Continue Reading →

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