Morning Muses, Sunday 7/27/14

Mystery Morning Muse: Sunday 7/27/14 This song inexplicably entered my head this morning.. "Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me calling you?" Mike & The Mechanics - Silent running - YouTube.

Dream 110202 – Angelic Vocalization

"Music of the Spheres?" At the climax of this morning's dreaming, I am walking through a street scene which seems equally urban and rural. Someone is walking next to me and we are both vocalizing a surreal / ethereal "music" which sounds like a combination of Elizabeth Frazer's (of the Cocteau Twins) voice and Brian... Continue Reading →

Ed Hall

  I actually shot some of the footage for this video. Over the years several close friends of mine repeatedly shot film and video footage of ED HALL - one of my all time favorite bands. They produced several albums (below) but disbanded, reforming later in a completely new guise as PONG. See links below... Continue Reading →

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