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Flashback: November 2018

Flashback: November 2018

More soon…

Good Morning St John

View from our porch this first morning after waking up.

Sticker in Austin

Sticker just seen on the back of a sign here in downtown Austin…

Alex Jones Is One Of THEM

Scary Western Woman

This image was one of many in the weird Wild West themed living room Casa Rio de Colores where friends recently held two beautiful marriage ceremonies. Practically every inch of wall space was covered with kitchy and cool weird imagery and psychedelic Americana.


I highly recommend the venue:


Here are some videos of the amazing twinkling “lights” (actually hanging reflectors) on all the trees…


And here is a selfie from that evening.


SMiles Lewis Meets Jon Downes

SMiles Lewis with Jon Downes.

Had a fantastic time yesterday meeting Fortean Cryptozoologist Jon Downes at the Anomaly Archives. www.cfz.org.uk & www.AnomalyArchives.org

Don’t Tag Texas Rally Pics


Recently I finally posted a Gallery of my protest pics from the Don’t Tag Texas / Anti Toll Road Rally that happened Independence Day of this year. Links to the Gallery below …