Ed Hall

  I actually shot some of the footage for this video. Over the years several close friends of mine repeatedly shot film and video footage of ED HALL - one of my all time favorite bands. They produced several albums (below) but disbanded, reforming later in a completely new guise as PONG. See links below... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tag Texas Rally Pics

http://www.Dont-TagTexas.com  Recently I finally posted a Gallery of my protest pics from the Don't Tag Texas / Anti Toll Road Rally that happened Independence Day of this year. Links to the Gallery below ... <www.smileslewis.com/gallery/protestpics/> <www.smileslewis.com/gallery1.html> <www.smileslewis.com/gallery/protestpics/> <www.smileslewis.com/gallery1.html>

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