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Tune-in Sunday night as Greg Bishop interviews SMiles Lewis LIVE on Radio Misterioso from 10-midnight CST via http://www.AnomalyRadio.com

About to hear Scott Horton’s latest interview with Greg Palast on AntiWar-Radio via http://www.AnomalyRadio.com

Waking up at the TexRenFest camp grounds

PsiOp Radio is LIVE Sunday night from 7-9pm CST with Mack White and SMiles Lewis via http://www.AmericanFreedomRadio.com

I can’t think past the tears right now… Mac Tonnies Gone

AntiWar-Radio today with Police State News Roundup and discussion with Will Grigg at 2:30 and Kelley Vlahos 3:30 EST http://www.AntiWar.com/radio/

Feeling better this morning…

What a fucked up day. I’m really depressed. Think I’ll go home and DRINK. Yeah, that’ll make things better…

Nambu test

Another great conference by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy http://www.TexasBigfoot.org

Bigfoot here we come

Tune in to AntiWar-Radio LIVE right now with Scott Horton via http://www.AnomalyRadio.com with guest Will Grigg and tons of news