Memorial Weekend 2007

Howdy friends,

This past weekend I visited my Dad, Grandma and little brother at our family lakehouse just outside San Antonio. The lake had risen since I was last there a month or so ago.

It was a VERY “Springy” weekend with record numbers of deer, and mating birds, fish and insects seen around the property. There were twenty to thirty deer crossing our driveway Saturday evening, fish mating in the newly wet shallows, many cranes and other birds I’ve not seen around and huge swarms of swirling gnats. Later that night I saw more fire flies than I’ve ever seen before. Dad said he’d not seen so many since he was a child.

We also watched an absolutely amazing Full Rainbow grow that began as a small patch that grew from behind the ridge to the right on the other side of Medina Lake, opposite our house on the corner of a cove. (pics to follow I hope – update 070610: pics at top) The rainbow grew and grew until it completed itself in the valley to the left on the other side of the lake near a huge red roofed business. The rainbow was simply gorgeous – dominating our view and framed perfectly opposite our location.

Then the weather began to get stormy and eventually we had to go in because of the winds, lightning and rain. Later that night some hugely powerful storms blew through Central Texas and caused quite a rucous. This seemed like one of, if not THE most powerful storm I’ve weathered up at Medina Lake – and we’ve had some strong ones. I’d been dozing nicely with the sound of the rain and winds until the flashing, thundering and howling became to loud and eventually we were all awake. The next day the lake had risen several feet and continued to rise that morning. We’ve still got a ways to go till its full but with a few more good rains … it could happen.

The tumultuousness of the nights flashing and crashing translated into some very strange and lucid dreams. I partly translated the noise and luminosity of the storm into aspects of a party happening in a dream version of our lake house. Several times as I gained lucidity I would try and fly but only get a few feet off the ground before floating back down and losing lucidity. For more on my dreams go here …

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay at the lakehouse very long and so I had to go back to Austin. But I’ve been keeping busy ever since returning … /

Until next time ….

– SMiles

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