SMiles on VYZYGOTH’S Grassy Knoll

SMiles on VYZYGOTH’S Grassy Knoll

Untamed Dimensions with Adam Gorightly

A good portion of our interview covered what Dreams End blogger Ty Brown has been investigating. Check out his interview with Ty at this url:

Both of these shows will be re-broadcast on Anomaly Radio.

Anomaly Radio

RE: my Vyzygoth brain fart RECALLED 

Hi Vyz,The other day I was relistening to our interview and as I anticipated, I recalled what it was I was going to say that led to my memory-lapse / brain-fart:

Stealth / Viral marketing – NLS conference, library who used itI was mentioning the day job conference I went to in Portland, Maine … what I was going to say was that, one of the speakers was from an urban library that was conducting an advertising campaign to get minorities into the local libraries for computer training. In her speech she said that, they had even resorted to paying a viral / stealth marketing company to do some “less than legal” activities towards this end.

So I was just trying to bring up another real world example of strange-bedfellows regarding the arenas of viral/stealth capitalism.


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