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  • UFOs & Consciousness – Part One Video/Audio: Presented by SMiles Lewis for INACS’ monthly Consciousness Connections meetings. Co-Sponsored by the Anomaly Archives lending library. Presented / Recorded 10/25/11 at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living.
  • UFOs & Consciousness – Part Two – Coming Tuesday, November 29th

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 Guy Fawkes Day / Bank Transfer Day


 #OccupyEmpire – End War and Military-Industrial-Complexification of Society

Coming War with Iran?


 #OccupationNews / #OccupyEarth – The Movement

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#Occupy Wall Street / OWS News

#Occupy Amsterdam

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 #Occupy Dallas / Occupy Dealey Plaza?
Mack White: Forty-eight years ago, Mayor Earle Cabell (brother of Charles Cabell, CIA Deputy Director fired by President Kennedy) changed the motorcade route so Kennedy would be caught in triangulated crossfire in Dealey Plaza.Other prominent Dallasites involved in the plot were oilmen Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt. Prominent Texan, vice-president Lyndon Johnson was also very much inv…olved.In 1963, Dallas was a town that danced to the puppet strings of the military-industrial complex, and apparently that is still the case today. Last year on November 22, distinguished JFK researcher Bob Groden was arrested in Dealey Plaza. This year, the Sixth Floor Museum plans to take control of the Plaza to prevent the “carnival-like” dissemination of the truth that Dallas still prefers would go away.I am speaking of the Dallas Establishment, of course, not the people. Dallas today is a much bigger, more diverse, and sophisticated city than it was when I walked its streets the morning after Kennedy was killed. Surely, this new and better Dallas will do the right thing this November 22 and Occupy Dealey Plaza …The video below, made shortly after the assassination, presents an accurate picture of Dallas in the old days. This is the Dallas I knew–”evil, festering, and stinking,” as Melvin Belli so well put it …
 #Occupy Seattle – Washington
 #Occupy Nashville – Tennessee
 #Occupy Richmond – Virginia

 #Occupy Oregon

 #Occupy Denver – Colorado

 #Occupy Baltimore – Maryland

 Border Wars – Anonymous vs. Los Zetas – War on Some Drugs

Medical Marijuana


 SkyNet / DroneWars


 Anonymous / WikiLeaks

TSA Scanner Gate –  Police State Headlines – ParaPolitics and More




 ParaPolitical Research


 Israel / Palestine News

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