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Homeland Security vs. OWS
“The Police Executive Research Forum, an international non-governmental organization with ties to law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has been coordinating conference calls with major metropolitan mayors and police chiefs to advise them on policing matters and discuss response to the Occupy movement. The group has distributed a recently published guide on policing political events.”    –
OWS Misc
  • At least 25 heavily armed commandos arrest eight at ‘Occupy Chapel Hill’ | The Raw Story (Video)
    • Occupy Chapel Hill Protesters Say Police Actions “Very Over the Top”   – News 14 Carolina—Nov. 14, 2011–  Chapel Hill police arrested eight protesters over the weekend in connection with the Occupy movement. They raided a group of anarchists, who say they’re an offshoot of Occupy Chapel Hill, on Sunday at the former Yates Motor Company Building on West Franklin Street, a few blocks from the Occupy camp headquarters known as the Peace and Justice Plaza. Officers say they waited until the crowd was a manageable size before the tactical team of about 20 went in. Protesters told News 14 Carolina police were out of line with the force they used. “To come with assault rifles and shotguns and that sort of tactics were very, very over the top,” Amanda Ashley said.

    • Occupy Chapel Hill – Group not entirely affiliated …    A group from the Anarachist Book Fair (not entirely affiliated with Occupy Chapel Hill) decided they would occupy a building on Franklin St. that has been vacant for at least a decade. This building, known as the “Chrysler Building”, is used by its renter as a tax write off and left abandoned. I happened to be grabbing dinner when I saw cops block off the street. I knew they were probably raiding this site so I headed down to see what was going on. I only had a cell phone with me so that is all I was able to shoot with. The Police raided with assault rifles drawn (which was clearly overkill). I didn’t capture the initial breach, but that apparently came with officers in a white unmarked vehicle. I am not sure if I agree with this group of protester’s tactics in taking the building, but the response was too much. They held it since yesterday prior to the raid which came in the 5pm hour.
  • ‘Occupy’ May Hold National Assembly In Philadelphia
  • Rep. Deutch Introduces OCCUPIED Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Money In Politics
  • Foreclosure Fraud: First Criminal Charges Filed In Nevada Over Robo-Signing
  • Protesters storm Kuwaiti parliament
  • Cornel West at Occupy Seattle
  • Seattle City Council backs Occupy Seattle
    Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) – ‎Nov 14, 2011‎
    “Our resolution does not endorse any group or movement,” Councilman Tim Burgess said in an interview. But the Seattle City Council wants action by legislative bodies in Washington, DC and Olympia. “The structural causes of the economic crisis facing …

    Occupy Seattle: Octogenarian activist Dorli Rainey on being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police, importance of activism

    Eighty-four-year-old activist Dorli Rainey tells Keith about her experience getting pepper-sprayed by the police during an Occupy Seattle demonstration and the need to take action and spread the word of the Occupy movement. She cites the advice of the late Catholic nun and activist Jackie Hudson to [b]“take one more step out of your comfort zone” as an inspiration, saying, “It would be so easy to say, ‘Well I’m going to retire, I’m going to sit around, watch television or eat bonbons,’ but somebody’s got to keep ’em awake and let ’em know what is really going on in this world.”

    Rich Lang, the clergyman who was pepper sprayed:

    The police were once conceived to be a citizen force created to serve and protect the public. Today however, the police have been militarized and view the populace as enemy combatants, as threats to their well being. The police, like our Armed Forces, are well trained, disciplined and exceptionally talented. They follow a chain of command and are increasingly apprenticed into a culture of institutional conformity. Because America has always affirmed the right of dissent, the role of the police is to keep the peace. They are trained to enter the protesting arena as unfeeling protectors of property and people. What has changed in our time is that the police are entering the arena of protest as agents of provocation. They push and shove at will, they ride their bicycles up the backs of protesters, they engage in verbal abuse. Their commanders allow this breach of discipline. Their comrades silently condone the bullying. The police become the agitators encouraging violence. It is as if they are spoiling for a fight — a fight mind you against the citizenry, against the youth, the unemployed, and those who are trying to return America back to its promise, and dare I say it, return America to its covenant with God, “we hold these truths to be self evident …”

    Pepper-sprayed woman gets mayor’s apology

    The Seattle Times – ‎
    Tuesday’s incident came just a day after the Seattle City Council passed a resolution supporting the grievances of the Occupy movement, a protest against plutocracy that began on New York’s Wall Street and spread internationally. …

    Seattle mayor apologizes to peaceful protesters who were pepper sprayed

    Chicago Tribune – ‎
    Given that the police blocked our passage and then used pepper spray indiscriminately suggests that it is not Occupy Seattle that is unwilling to work with the city, but rather that SPD is not willing to work with Occupy Seattle. …





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