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Music in this episode:

Headlines – AusTex Top News Topics

  • A Fable for Our Times: The Pythons and the
  • Austin Occupied w/Activism – CopWatch / Occupy / FTP / TAG – Heather Fazio / Antonio Buehler
  • Hacktivism? Ron Paul & Rick Perry – “Racist” Guilt by Association? Still Going?
  • StratFor, “Anonymous” & Surveillance State Technologies – Big Brother Apps and Hacks
  • War on SOME Drugs – Cross-border meth boom amid Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’
  • Border Wars & SkyNet Surveillance State – Rights to Travel & Privacy

More headlines…

  • Vaccine warfare! Texas carpet-bombs 7,000 square miles with air-dropped rabies vaccines
  • Meteor passes over Texas (Video) –

Texas Cryptozoology News

  • Legend, Lore & Legacy: Bigfoot Hunters Search for Signs of the Creature
  • Lone Star Scene: Bigfoot hunting indie film sprouts in Manor (Video)


Occupy Austin

Occupy Oakland


Ron Paul

STRATFOR: Open Intel AND CoIntelPro?

Police State USA

Free Antonio Buehler

Homeland Insecurity & The Right to Travel Across “Borders”

War on the Internet

Surveillance Society / SkyNet / Colossus / DroneWars

  • Local Tech Creations That Scare Us: Hell on wheels, surveilling boozehounds, and more
    By James Renovitch, Austin Chronicle – Fri., Jan. 27, 2012 –

From the Surveillance Nation Dept.: There’s a new app for heavy drinkers with no issues of personal privacy: SceneTap ( If you notice those creepy black domes bulging from the ceiling of your favorite ale house, smile: Your face is being “anonymously” detected so that the bar’s current stats can be streamed to a website and mobile app. Stats include how full the venue is, the male-to-female ratio, and the average age of the patrons. How they acquire this information anonymously is beyond us, but if you needed another reason to avoid the many Sixth Street bars that are participating, this is it. SceneTap began servicing the Austin area on Jan. 20 and hopes to expand beyond the initial 20 bars soon. Chicago has already been assimilated into the Borg with more than 50 wired venues. If there’s a good side to this, it’s that we can finally double-check to make sure that our favorite watering hole is mostly empty so we can do our drinking the way it was intended: alone.

The War on SOME Drugs

Iran & Israel: What’s Next?

Anthrax 2001 News

Fast & Furious News

BioWarFear News

Mind Kontrol News

War Crimes News

Eco-Crisis or Social Contagion?


RAWilson Week

Eugenics & Depopulation News

 Video: The source of the strange UFO sounds has been located: It’s not what you expect

 Mysterious Phenomena or Paranormal Excuses


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