When a family tchotchke appears in a mainstream comedy skit

Some time last year my wife and I finally got around to watching the Key & Peele skit comedy show. We were thoroughly enjoying it but got bogged down in the stylistic changes of season 4. We’ve revisited some of the shows and skits repeatedly.

Its not unusual for me to recognize this or that appliance or electronic device that I may have owned in movies and tv shows. However, it was with much pleasant surprised that I noticed this particular curio on the coffee table in a skit that you can watch (see link below) on Key & Peele YouTube channel titled, “Is This Guy Jordan’s Real Father?”

The tchotchke from my past was just one of many curios in the home of my Dad’s parents in San Antonio, Texas. I’d seen the thing for years and would regularly pick it up and gaze into its insides. The item itself is a rather heavy piece of glass with a beach scene inside featuring sand, beach debris, shells, and a couple of geese or other water foul taking flight. The whole piece is heavy piece of pyramidal glass. You can see some other screenshots of it from the K&P episode below.

So far, we’ve not been able to locate the object in my dad’s possessions. It may be lost to the sands of time. At least I got to see it again vicariously through this comedy show.

If you have any information on this type of glass scene or this specific one, please reach out and let me know.

. . .

Overall Episode #18, Season 2 Episode #10, Titled “Dueling Hats”, original airdate November 28, 2012.

Is This Guy Jordan’s Real Father? – Key & Peele

A few different screen-grabs from the skit…



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