PsiOp Radio 171 – 130407

MP3 Podcast Archive: POR130407a.mp3 World War 3: North Korea vs … Austin, Texas? Officials To Take ‘Whatever Precautions’ Needed After North Korea Threat – CBS Houston Police State Fusion Centers CenTex Police News Police Union Director Jokes on Facebook About Two Women Being Sexually Assaulted by a Police Officer Hits by Organized Crime,... Continue Reading →

PsiOp Radio 170 – 130324

Podcast Archive: POR130324a.mp3   Foreign Policy Anniversary Party Iraq After Ten Years – Paul Craig Roberts   911 Reality Theory Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11 Maureen Dowd / Repent, Dick Cheney Vice comes clean: He was the real president, and he stands by all of his mistakes Torture and 9/11... Continue Reading →

PsiOp Radio 169 – 130217

Archive / Podcast – POR130217aa.mp3 PARANOID Magazine Launch – Featuring art and writing by Mack White “Waco Remembered” by Mack White Coming Soon – Issuu America’s ‘Greatest Sniper’ Chris Kyle Texas military units received warning before Navy SEAL was killed Expert sniper will be buried in Austin The Pseudo-Courage of Chris Kyle... Continue Reading →

PsiOp Radio 168 – 130203

Feminine Rising by Ingo Swann Ingo Swann (9/14/33 – 2/1/13) Download Archived Podcast: POR130203a.mp3   SMiles takes a vacation … Midnight Waves at Kona House (mp3)   Copycat Effects / Guns on the Brain / Brave New Schools FBI talking to suspect through pipe as Alabama hostage standoff enters 4th day (Video) From Chelsea J. Carter... Continue Reading →

PsiOp Radio 167 – 121129

  MP3 Podcast Archive: POR121129a.mp3 Masonic Yeti   Psychedelic Saucer Obits Jim Moseley: Flying Saucer Farewell Jim Moseley, Journal Subscriber, 1931-2012 (Video) Spain Rodriguez, RIP Spain Rodriguez: Zap Comix artist dies Larry Hagman, LSD, and Life-after-Death Psychedelic Drug Research Supporter Larry Hagman Dies Larry Hagman – Larry... Continue Reading →

PsiOp Radio 166 – 121109

 America Scores Big From November Elections mp3 download PART ONE – PsiOp Radio 166  The War on SOME Drugs Obama Justice Department Set to Overrule any State that Legalizes Marijuana The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal DEA Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington: “Enforcement of the... Continue Reading →

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