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I Love You Dad…

Richard Jack Lewis: January 23, 1953 – September 18, 2021

Miles and Father at Medina Lake, Texas.

I lost my father to Covid on September 18th, 2021. Today would have been his 69th birthday. Anyone who knew my father knows that he would have been compelled to make some kind of “69” joke. <wink> My dad could always make me laugh; he could make most people laugh. It’s probably equally true and honest to say that his attempts at humor also often made people groan. He was one of the most friendly and outgoing persons I ever had the honor to know and have as family. He wasn’t afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers, to crack a joke, or to offer advice and his opinion.

Gallery of Photos from Dad’s High School Yearbook

My mom and dad met in high school and quickly had me to show for it. That didn’t last long and soon they were divorced and mom moved she and I to Austin, Texas. Dad stayed in San Antonio and pursued a career in law enforcement and security. He worked there for a while but eventually moved to Houston and continued working as an LEO there, as well as doing security and eventually private investigation work.

That’s dad (in the blue/white striped shirt) leaning into the left DPS car after helping catch a speeder.

Dad was always quick to assist law enforcement in catching highway speeders and dangerous drivers, which was rather ironic considering his own fast and furious driving style. There were more than a few times I recall waking up in the back of his car during or after a high speed pursuit that occurred as he was driving us back to his place after my mom had delivered me to him for one of our irregular visits (mostly holidays and summer vacations). I didn’t get to spend much more time than that with him over the years. There were long periods of time where I didn’t see him.

Dad was a true storyteller. His life was filled with amazingly crazy tales from his life and other stories from our family history. Many of those stories were incredibly humorous. I always hoped and encouraged him to record those stories for a book. It always seemed like his life, and all the crazy things he’d experienced and witnessed, would make an amazing book and movie.

Slideshow of Dad’s LEO Uniforms

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides his love of law enforcement and helping people (in the last year or so he’d become a volunteer firefighter at Medina Lake) he’d inherited his father’s love of animals (he’d also inherited the aviation bug, becoming the third generation of pilot in the Lewis family). His father, Jack, was famous for saving critters and nursing them back to health. Over the years, dad had several cats and a dog he loved dearly. And speaking of deer… dad became obsessed with feeding the deer up at our family’s Medina Lake house. For the last 5 or more years, dad had gotten into the habit of messaging me an endless stream of deer and cat photos. This was a near-daily occurrence. Of course there were other photos of this or that but mostly it was deer and cats and other cute animal pics. Perhaps this was his way of keeping the lines of communication between us as civil as possible – the political climate of the country these last couple of years had been a growing source of strife between he and I. His law enforcement background and generally much more conservative perspective caused friction between us on more than one occasion during the pandemic pandemonium of 2020 and 2021. Yet, we never let that keep us from coming back together and reaffirming our love and respect for each other, even as we agreed to disagree on a number of things.

There is so much more I want to say about my dad and his life. Much of it is too personal to share. There are many unresolved issues and emotions that I am still coming to grips with through the long and difficult process of grieving. For all my dad’s faults and foibles, he was an amazing man with a huge heart and I miss him terribly.

I find some solace in knowing that he found love again with his wife, Penny. The last few years with her made him the happiest he’d been in a very long time. I’m terribly sad for her loss but have found comfort in her friendship.

Another glimmer of hope in the midst of all my sorrow has been reconnecting with my little brother. I’m grateful for his friendship and hope our relationship continues to grow.

Happy birthday, dad. You’ll be in my heart, my thoughts and my soul forever.

 – SMiles Lewis (January 2022)

 . . .

Below is a gallery of images of my dad from many points along his wild-ride of a life. Below that are links to his online memorial, a very brief obituary from the local Bandera online newspaper he occasionally helped with local reporting, and links to the video of his funeral service.


Anomaly MST3k / Carl Finlow – Anomaly (The Time Travelers)

Carl Finlow – Anomaly (The Time Travelers) VIDEO

I first became aware of this movie through MST3k (Mystery Science Theater 3000) riffing on it. As usual, the MSTie (or MiSTie, MySTie, or MiSTy) crew had the usual laughs at this old science fiction film, but there is a lot about it that I immediately liked. Within what seemed like a few weeks, I saw the above linked musical mashup from one of my favorite YouTube channels: Are Sounds Electrik? Needless to say, as a fan of electronic synth music, whether old retro style or new styles, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cool visuals of this “sci-fi romp” from 1964:
“A botched experiment hurls a group of scientists into a bleak future full of mutants, androids and catty humans in this 1964 sci-fi romp.”
  • Carl Finlow’s beautifully unsettling Anomaly (2002) Audio – Bandcamp   


The Time Travelers

1964 Film

The Time Travelers is a 1964 science fiction film directed by Ib Melchior and starring Preston Foster, Philip Carey, Merry Anders, Steve Franken, and John Hoyt. The film inspired the 1966 TV series The Time Tunnel, as well as the 1967 remake Journey to the Center of Time.
Wikipedia   /  Director: Ib Melchior

Alex will eat your ass

Aaah, good times, right after the lockdowns beginning…

“I will eat Your leftist ass like corn on the cob – I’m ready!!”

And if you aren’t familiar with the folk music musings of Alex Jones, try this old standard:

Or if you’re more into dance, rave, house electronic tunes:

SynchroMystic Omicron from SealLion

SynchroMystic Omicron from SealLion

SMiles Lewis is this week’s guest on TRUTH WANTED

Truth Wanted 04.11 with ObjectivelyDan

and SMiles Lewis (Anomaly Archives)

Friday, March 19th at 7pm CST

Call the show Fridays 7-8:30pm CT at 1-512-991-9242 or call with your computer 💻 http://tiny.cc/calltw

Truth Wanted is a show about getting to the bottom of beliefs, whether it’s karma or Christ, Bigfoot or crystals. Truth Wanted would like to know how you know it’s true. Hosted by ObjectivelyDan, Truth Wanted takes calls from the community (that means YOU!) and features new guests every week, emphasizing thorough conversations over name-calling and scoffing (most of the time). Truth Wanted focuses on how and why people believe what they believe, and how you can talk about beliefs in more effective ways. Join us for truth investigations and lively conversations every Friday at 7:00pm CT!





Snow day: January 10, 2021 in Austin, Texas

Snow day: January 10, 2021 in Austin, Texas

video playlist ordered from last to first … most snowfall to least snowfall.

Actor Donald Glover and Existentialism and… Chevy Chase via Anomaly TeleVision

As recently mentioned over on my personal blog (SMiles Lewis dot com – August 2020), I’ve been trying to resume posting to my various websites. This site is an amalgamation of the remains of an old project with some friends called AnomalyTv.com which became AnomalyTelevision.com …

The video below I came across back in June 2020. I’ve been a fan of Donald Glover’s since becoming aware of him through his role in the 2009 flick, Mystery Team, and his stand-up comedy show, WEIRDO. Until the release of his This is America video in 2018, I was totally unaware of his musical career as Childish Gambino.

MORE AT… Source: Actor Donald Glover and Existentialism and… Chevy Chase | Anomaly TeleVision

AusTex Flashback: CRUST (Live) “Bumblebee” via Weird Texas

As recently mentioned over on my personal blog (SMiles Lewis dot com – August 2020), I’ve been meaning to resume posting to my remaining websites. This site is an amalgamation of the remains …

Source: AusTex Flashback: CRUST (Live) “Bumblebee” | Weird Texas

Vocal Talent Ken Nordine Passes

Ken Nordine narrated this iconic Levi Jeans television ad from the year I was born.

And here is a tour of his studio…

Farewell fond voice of generations.

– SMiles


ETA (Edit To Add) … WOW! Two more (and another….) iconic Levi’s commercials that I recall from my youth that undoubtedly triggered my love for animation and CGI / video effects:




Random Synchronicity: Amok Elephants 1/6/2019


Today I was reviewing the wikipedia entries for Running Amok phenomena and had noticed it included a “see also” listing about elephants who’ve run amok, specifically one 911-named pachyderm:

Osama bin Laden, named after the infamous elusive terrorist, was a rogue bull elephant responsible for at least 27 deaths and destruction of property in the jungled Sonitpur district of the Indian state of Assam. After a two-year rampage from 2004 to 2006, an elephant was eventually shot; but some were doubtful that the right animal was killed.

Within hours, my wife randomly selects a TV series available for streaming on Amazon Prime … the Independent Television (ITV) series, Vanity Fair. As far as I know, neither of us knows anything about this series. Within a few minutes of the show, a character brings up a story of him having witnessed an elephant “running amok” in India.

Thank you Synchronicity Matrix?


– SMiles Lewis


Here we go: Vanity Fair was certainly modern. The opening credits sequence showing the lead characters spinning round on a Victorian fairground ride to the sound of the famous Jimi Hendrix anthem All Along The Watchtower was a bit of a clue

“The opening credits sequence showing the lead characters spinning round on a Victorian fairground ride to All Along The Watchtower was a bit of a clue.”

Olivia Cooke seemed destined for stardom and Vanity Fair had some modern touches, by Jim Shelley | Daily Mail Online




“Telepathic Lady” – song inspired by legend of Maria Orsic and Nazi UFOs

“Telepathic Lady” – song inspired by legend of Maria Orsic and Nazi UFOs

Mike Watt talks with his guest, Daniel of Dallas band “The Fumes,” about his song “Telepathic Lady” that was inspired by the legends of Maria Orsic, the “German UFO Specialist” from World War II. Discussion begins around the 1 hour 36 minute mark within the March 27th edition of TWFPS – The Watt From Pedro Show. A great episode with a wide variety of musical soundscapes.

Here is the song, Telepathic Lady. More informational links below…

TWFPS – The Watt From Pedro Show (podcast) for MARCH 27, 2018:



“spiel from watt in between tunes he plays from his and his guests’ collections”


Maria Orsic (Orsitsch) (@AnomalyArchives.org)

Tim Callahan says:

“Yeah, the Haunebu is part of an elaborate mythos to some degree created by Neo-Nazi groups, such as the Tempelhoffgesellschaft (“Temple Court Society”). This involves the assertion that the original Aryans came from a planet orbiting the star Aldeberan and that they established a colony on Earth — the Sumerians — who were the ancestors of the modern Germans.

Part of this mythos involves Maria Orsitch and the Vril Society, supposedly the evil geniuses behind Hitler’s rise to power. Though Maria and the Vril Society were the creations of Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in their 1960 book “The Morning of the Magicians,” the so-called History Channel ran a documentary about the centrality of the Vril Society and their influence of Heinrich Himmler.

In point of fact, the only historical basis for the Vril Society was a passing reference in a 1949 article by Willy Ley titled “Pseudoscience in Naziland”, to a society in pre-WW II Germany that was searching for vril (a supposed source of great psychic power invented by Bulwer Lytton in his novel “The Coming Race”). Maria Orsitch (also spelled Orsic) seems to have been invented out of whole cloth by Pauwels and Bergier.”


Saw José González and Bedouine at the Long Center last night

Saw José González and Bedouine at the Long Center last night!

Bedouine was great! Hadn’t heard her before…

José G is a fantastic acoustic guitar player… He didn’t say much between songs but acknowledged “Doomsday people cults” as inspiration for one of his songs. He played some great tunes and closed out his encore with Teardrop.

“Where José’s previous albums, “Veneer” and “In Our Nature,” might have sounded sparse and barren in parts, “Vestiges & Claws” has an altogether new feeling to it, at once warmer and darker than before. He talks about how he’s found inspiration in sprawling ’70s Brazilian productions, American folk rock and West African desert blues this time. And how he’s decided to waive the principle of having everything on the album reproducible in a live context.

Bedouine | The Long Center for the Performing ArtsOpening for José González is the Syrian musician Bedouine, touring to promote the release of her eponymous debut—sixties folk meets seventies country-funk with a glimmer of bossa nova cool. Sweeping and hypnotic with a nomadic heart, the music of L.A.-based Bedouine is impressionistic, with careful words and striking, cultural conviction.”

The Long Center and KUTX present José González plus Bedouine, Saturday, February 3 in Dell Hall. Read More ›

Source: José González – Long Center