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Need-A-Mashup: Cass McCombs’ Bum Bum Bum / The Cars’ Drive

There is a tiny part of this song that always reminds me of the The Cars’ song, Drive.

Cass McCombs – Bum Bum Bum


UFOs: Reframing the Debate


UFOs: Reframing the Debate – Edited by Robbie Graham

Available in Paperback & eBook Formats from White Crow Books

Featuring Over a Dozen Contributors including…


UFOs: Reframing The Debate Book Trailer




This is indeed a disturbing universe

This is indeed a disturbing universe

TelePresence Doorways

TelePresence Doorways

Interactive Telepresence Advertising…
I’m not actually 100% sure of the “telepresence” factor but some of these are definitely interactive and “live.”
In Paris have doors to other European cities


Which reminds me of these bus stop ad campaigns…


… or this …


Zombiethon 2014

Zombiethon 2014


Watched before our arrival:

  • Space Dandy (Anime series – Zombie episode)
  • Army of Darkness

Friday Night:

  • King of the Zombies
  • Space Dandy (Anime series – Zombie episode)
  • Night of the Living … RiffTrax


  • Swamp of the Ravens … RiffTrax (was on as I woke – only saw brief part)
  • Nightmare city
  • Evil Dead 2
  • Cemetery Man
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Sugar Hill
  • Rec
  • Let sleeping corpses lie
  • Return of the living dead


  • Day of the dead (was on as I woke – only saw last third but have seen it a million times)

Scary Western Woman

This image was one of many in the weird Wild West themed living room Casa Rio de Colores where friends recently held two beautiful marriage ceremonies. Practically every inch of wall space was covered with kitchy and cool weird imagery and psychedelic Americana.


I highly recommend the venue:


Here are some videos of the amazing twinkling “lights” (actually hanging reflectors) on all the trees…


And here is a selfie from that evening.


CANCEL-THE-CABAL with guest SMiles Lewis, Wednesday Night 4/10/13


Wednesday night, April 10th, from 11pm-1am Central Standard Time, tune-in to the TruthBroadcastNetwork‘s streaming video channel for Host Steve Roberts’ CANCEL THE CABAL show featuring Guest SMiles Lewis.

Tune-in to the video stream live (here or here) to hear and see the interview.

Audio of the show will also be simulcast live via www.AnomalyRadio.com

Listen with these players:   Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime



Check out some of Steve Roberts’ past interviews including:

Tx Veg Fest and Room 237

Just enjoyed seeing the SynchroMystic documentary “Room 237” at Austin’s Violet Crown theater after going to the Texas Veg Fest at Fiesta Gardens.

What a great day!

Zombiethon 2013 – Monday

Rifftrax – Night of the Living Dead


Zombiethon 2013 – Sunday

Day of the Dead


Zombiethon 2013 – Sunday

Dead and Buried


Zombiethon 2013 – Sunday

Lucio Fulci’s
City of the Living Dead