On this day… in 2015

For many years now, Austin's runaway growth has - for me - been symbolized by the many overhead cranes that can be seen all around town but particularly downtown. I work in a building right next to the Cap building and, during early 2015, there were 8 of these cranes visible to me on my... Continue Reading →

Anomaly-NOW! LIVE Wednesdays at 7pm CST

Tune in LIVE tonight, Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 at 7pm CST. Anomaly-NOW! LIVE Wednesdays at 7pm CST Anomaly-NOW! Live news roundup, Wednesdays @ 7pm CDT from the nonprofit Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas. Check out the latest Anomalous News Headlines at the Anomaly Archives Flipboard magazine: flipboard.com/@anomalyarchives/anomaly-archives-rjme4hbvy http://www.AnomalyArchives.org   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAnIZDJTjVo youtube.com/AnomalyArchives/live  

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday, padre! You would have been 70 years old today. I miss you so much... There have been so many times since you passed in September 2021 when I have thought to myself, "I wish I could ask dad about this," and "I wonder what dad would have thought about that," or, "I would... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Psychedelic Cat Shades

Cosmic Psychedelic Cat Shades ani gif I saved circa December 28, 2018   ------------------ Edit to add: "This gif always reminds me of the image on the back of the hoodie that Dad got me years ago…"

Latest email newsletter from the Anomaly Archives

Most anyone reading this blog knows that in 2003 I founded a nonprofit 501c3 called the Scientific Anomaly Institute - Anomaly Archives. Its mission is the preservation of and public education about anomalistic research. The final email edition for 2022 was posted yesterday... Anomaly Archives eNews – December 31st, 2022 - Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena and... Continue Reading →

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