A Comic Book Character Named “General Fortean”

Ah, the cool random things one can come across when searching images online... General Fortean One of the biggest threats to the Red Hulk. He is determined to avenge the death of his mentor General Thunderbolt Ross by killing the Red Hulk, without realising the Red Hulk's true identity. General Fortean Friends - Comic Vine.

An American Bookshelf in London

I love cool / different book shelves... Andrei Saltykov came up with the idea for his highly functional work of wall art after living in Washington, DC, while working on a building for Richard Rogers. He saw a map of the country made from license plates and eventually put the concept to use in his... Continue Reading →

Jellyfish Light at Thrice Cafe

Cool jellyfish lamp / lighting fixture I saw at Thrice Cafe / Thai Fresh the other day. Thai Fresh & Thrice Cafe thai-fresh.com/Thai, Restaurant, Coffee, Cafe, Vegan, Gluten Free, Local, Organic, Sustainable ... Thai Fresh 909 West Mary St # B, Austin Open until 9:00pm.

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