Vertigo, from Daan Verhoeven featuring Alenka Artnik

I think this was my introduction to the amazing freediving videos from the Daan Verhoeven channel. There are several there that I find fantastically mesmerizing. This one had a particularly potent initial impact on me.

“Part of the fear of heights is that mad desire to jump from them. Alenka Artnik is a Slovenian world record holding freediver, and the deepest female with a monofin: she has dived on breath-hold to 122 meters. Only a few days after that historic dive, we filmed this exploration of the strange desire to jump whenever we find ourselves at a great height. Turns out we’d both had dreams where we did just that, and we both experienced that in water, you can give into it. This was filmed at Deans’ Blue Hole in the Bahamas, which is 200 meters deep, enough to give anyone vertigo. Florian Burghardt kept us safe and helped with all kinds of things behind the scenes. The music is ‘Revelations’ by Tristan Barton. Find out more about Alenka’s incredible story from the rise of the depths here…”

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