UFOlogy 101 with Mike DeGroff and SMiles Lewis

UFOlogy 101 with Mike DeGroff and SMiles Lewis Explore the fascinating world of UFOs, Close Encounters and Strange Entities through a dazzling array of historic imagery; from ancient cave art, to classical paintings on to the modern era of digital photography and fakery. How do scientific groups like Austin’s Mutual UFO Network and Anomaly Archives... Continue Reading →

Lewis and Clark on “Strange Days… Indeed”

That's SMiles Lewis and Jerome Clark talking UFOs and more on the latest "Strange Days... Indeed" podcast with veteran radioshow host Errol Bruce-Knapp! - SMiles Email EBK: Errol Bruce-Knapp More synchronicity at work. Both guests, SMiles Lewis and Jerome Clark discuss Jacques Vallee on the current Strange Days... Indeed podcast. See:  virtuallystrange.net/ufo/sdi/program/ Greg Boone tipped us... Continue Reading →

Number of Visitors to Anomaly TV has Doubled!

Anomaly TeleVision dot com For those who aren't already regular visitors to my Anomaly TeleVision blog ... you should be!! Beginning back in November of 2006 I started posting the most interesting paranormal and parapolitical videos I could find online. Each day of the week I focus on a different topic; Mondays are for UFOs,... Continue Reading →

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