Number of Visitors to Anomaly TV has Doubled!

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Anomaly TeleVision dot com

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.For those who aren’t already regular visitors to my Anomaly TeleVision blog … you should be!! Beginning back in November of 2006 I started posting the most interesting paranormal and parapolitical videos I could find online. Each day of the week I focus on a different topic; Mondays are for UFOs, Wednesdays for Cryptozoology, Fridays for Parapolitics, Sundays for Ghosts, etc.

Since November of last year I’ve posted over 2200 videos ranging from hard to find footage of Uri Geller at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s to the latest and greatest in Parapolitical Activism videos (including true 911 skepticism) as well as the most interesting bigfoot and cryptozoology vids that challenge the notion of Sasquatch being simply folklore. Plus I post videos of Robots, Music, Mashups, Animation, 3D Technology and much much more.

For whatever reason, over the past 30 days,’s number of visitors has DOUBLED!! Over the last six months I’ve seen internet traffic to the site range from an average of 20 to 24 thousand visitors a month, which averages out to 600 to 800 visitors each day. As of today the site is registering a total of over 44 thousand visitors for an average daily count of 1500 visitors!

So if you aren’t already visiting please, take a moment to surf on over to and take a look around. There is bound to be something there that will interest you. Maybe you are not interested in UFOs and Cryptozoology but have a keen interest in the latest suppressed parapolitical information. Or perhaps it’s the reverse and you aren’t interested in “conspiracy theories” but want to know about the latest Fortean and Anomaly news. Hopefully there is something for you over at Anomaly TeleVision.

So, I’d just like to send out a big THANK YOU to all our fans and internet surfers! Please keep coming by and let us know what you think.

SMiles Lewis

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