Anomaly MST3k / Carl Finlow – Anomaly (The Time Travelers)

Carl Finlow – Anomaly (The Time Travelers) VIDEO

I first became aware of this movie through MST3k (Mystery Science Theater 3000) riffing on it. As usual, the MSTie (or MiSTie, MySTie, or MiSTy) crew had the usual laughs at this old science fiction film, but there is a lot about it that I immediately liked. Within what seemed like a few weeks, I saw the above linked musical mashup from one of my favorite YouTube channels: Are Sounds Electrik? Needless to say, as a fan of electronic synth music, whether old retro style or new styles, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cool visuals of this “sci-fi romp” from 1964:
“A botched experiment hurls a group of scientists into a bleak future full of mutants, androids and catty humans in this 1964 sci-fi romp.”
  • Carl Finlow’s beautifully unsettling Anomaly (2002) Audio – Bandcamp 

The Time Travelers

1964 Film

The Time Travelers is a 1964 science fiction film directed by Ib Melchior and starring Preston Foster, Philip Carey, Merry Anders, Steve Franken, and John Hoyt. The film inspired the 1966 TV series The Time Tunnel, as well as the 1967 remake Journey to the Center of Time.
Wikipedia   /  Director: Ib Melchior

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