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August 22, 2011

Hosted by Thom White & SMiles Lewis

Special Guest: Kevin Schooley

Parking meter compromise reached: Meters will run until midnight on Thursday, Friday, Saturday from Cesar Chavez to 10thStreet; otherwise 8 am -6pm Monday through Saturday citywide.

Drought continues; water mains break all over Houston, Austin ; city to enforce “Phase 2” water restrictions

Rick Perry officially announces he is running for president; What is his record on Texas economy and job creation?;  Local activist Robert Morrow places full-page ad in Chronicle trying to dig up dirt on Rick Perry’s personal life “Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy“ – media try to pin this on Ron Paul campaign… Is this significant or a distraction?

Public school year begins today – how will budget cuts affect students?  Will there be overcrowding, new charges for students?  SMILES reports on students having to pay to ride the bus….

SCHOOLEY: Musical interlude

APD Shootout: SMiles reports on officer involved shooting on South Congress last Monday, Aug 15, and Police technology (Military surplus helicopter now in APD arsenal); also further discussion of police surveillance grid going up in downtown and APD’s “ Real Time Crime Center ”

SPECIAL REPORT9/11 First Responders, ten years later – In July, World Trade Center Health Program, part of Zagroda Act passed in 2010, announced Cancer is NOT covered as part of compensation, since there is not enough evidence linking cancer to exposure to dust and particles at the clean-up site.  First responders are outraged – PLUS at 10thanniversary event, first responders are not invited by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, another exclusion….

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Metered Parking Controversy

Austin City Council in discussing payday lenders, downtown parking

Get Ready to Pay to Park

Water Woes and Water Wars

Desperate to drink, West Texas turns to wastewater
CNN – By Ed Lavandera, CNN Correspondent Big Spring, Texas

Analyzing Rick Perry’s record: Water woes could cost Texas – Houston Chronicle (blog)

Water woes could cost Texas – Houston Chronicle

Amid Texas drought, a water war brews – CBS News
School Woes

Students, educators face changes as first bell rings in new school year today

Texas school cuts to be felt in ways big and small – Houston Chronicle

Texas school district to charge students to ride the bus – Washington Times – Claire Courchane – Jul 20, 2011

District decreasing school bus stops – ‎Austin News

When the bus costs so much, is it public education?
‎Fort Worth Star Telegram – Jul 24, 2011

Parents to pay for children to ride bus?
‎ (KNXV-TV) – Katrina Schaefer – Jul 20, 2011
Rick Perry’s Record

Rick Perry’s budget sleight-of-hand

Texas unemployment rate hits its highest mark since 1987

Education cuts, Perry record will draw campaign scrutiny – Houston Chronicle

Arne Duncan Attacks Rick Perry’s Education Record‎ Education Week News (blog)

State’s education funding is not making the grade‎ San Antonio Express

Shots Fired and APD’s Military Copter

APD identifies robber involved in shooting with police (VIDEO) by NOELLE NEWTON / KVUE News

Man charged with aggravated robbery after chase at which officers fired at him

Austin Police Department Air Operations Unit
911 Anniversary & Health Effects News

9/11 First Responders’ Cancer Treatments Will Not be Covered: U.S. Government

First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony

Ground Zero Hazards: Environmental and Health Impacts of the WTC Bombing




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